Flight Logistics: A Challenging Task!


Sylvain Simon

25 juin 2023

It goes without saying that logistical challenges are everyday occurrences when operating a mine in the far north. Among other things, lack of highway access forces us to seek other means of transportation such as air and sea travel.

Flight Logistics

The Flight Logistics Department is responsible mostly for moving workers and cargo to their proper destinations, whether to the mining site or the different home points that we serve: Montreal, Quebec City, Val-d’Or and Miramichi.

The type of aircraft used especially for operations is the Boeing 737-200 Combi, which allows us to efficiently transport both workers and cargo together. Last year, we carried over 10,000 passengers, 2,000,000 pounds of material and 700,000 pounds of groceries to the mining site with the 737-200. In partnership with Air Inuit, our department manages day-to-day operations, ensuring that they are carried out safely.

With the extreme weather conditions we have in the far north, flight cancellations can occur. Last year, 47 out of a total of 196 flights had to be cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

When this happens, the flight logistics team quickly takes care of the workers at the different home points. Transportation, accommodation and meals are organized with our different hotel partners to allow employees to rest before taking their flight the next day.

The flight logistics department also takes care of managing and updating the general workforce schedule in the TMS system (Travel Management System) in order to balance flights and occupancy at the Expo site.

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