Prevention ... a way of life


06 juillet 2021

In Canadian Royalties, we discuss health & safety every day.  Protecting the health and safety of everyone as our priority number one and our goal is zero harm to all – employees, contractor, and visitors;

But preventing injuries extend beyond the limits of the workday. Prevention applies to all spheres of our lives. Whether it’s at work, when playing sports or in our recreational or daily activities, making prevention a way of life means practicing safe behaviors at all times.

In fact, how can we claim to be safe if we practice safe behaviors only at work? When we’re safe, we’re safe at all times and in all places. It becomes a way of life, a way of taking care of ourselves.

We all hope to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Let’s do our utmost to make prevention our way of life. We and our loved ones will surely reap the benefits.

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