Canadian Royalties Inc. is a metal mining company committed to occupational health & safety and environmental protection. Canadian Royalties Inc. will act in a manner that minimizes dangers, risks and impacts and will continually seek to improve its performance.

Canadian Royalties Inc. will engage the commitment and involvement of all of its employees and contractors to ensure that environmental, health and safety performance objectives are met.


Canadian Royalties Inc. is committed to:

  • Evaluating the dangers, risks and impacts for the natural, human and social environments with a focus on the goals of prevention and protection.
  • Implementing prevention and response programs in order to minimize and mitigate impacts and adverse events.
  • Complying with current laws and regulations wherever the company is engaged in mining or mining-related activities.
  • Ensuring responsible use of energy, water and consumable goods.
  • Informing employees, subcontractors and suppliers of the company’s policies and programs and their required involvement to ensure successful implementation.
  • Conducting monitoring programs and periodic audits in order to identify opportunities for improvement and implementing corrective actions where required to improve environmental and organizational health and safety performance.
  • Identifying stakeholders and undertaking dialog with the inclusion of governmental authorities and the public in order to improve Canadian Royalties Inc.’s practices and performance.
  • Reclaiming the impacted environment to a condition as near to its original state as is reasonably possible, upon the termination of mining and mining-related activities.
  • Ensuring that sufficient human, material and financial resources are available to implement this policy.

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About Canadian Royalties Inc.
Canadian Royalties Inc. (CRI) is a private mining company based in Montreal that operates a copper and nickel mine in Nunavik (province of Quebec), under the name Nunavik Nickel Project (Project). CRI is solely owned by our parent company in China, Zhongze Holding Group Co., Ltd.

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